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Unless otherwise instructed we follow a standard process to sort and collate medical records into date order. 


Notes are organised into sections,  GP records have a section of their own, as do each hospital involved in your client's care.  Records from other agencies such as education and social services, where required, are included.


Several lever arch files need sorting.jpgWithin each section we subdivide further into coherent and logical groups under common headings:

  • clinical notes
  • theatre and anaesthetic
  • correspondence
  • investigation results
  • nursing records

Cases with maternity or obstetric records have more divisions to reflect, antenatal, labour record and post-natal care. 


In every case each page is studied to understand its content, assess completeness and to place in date order.   Once sorted, the notes are ready for pagination and indexing.  At this stage we begin to see probable missing records and points of interest for the legal team.   Any key information like this is added to the cover letter and completed bundle. 

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