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Many solicitors prefer us to provide a chronology of key events.  The request is usually written in the letter of instruction. 


It is a specialist skill, carried out by nurses and allied health professionals with the relevant expertise to provide the service.  We know that practical experience of working within a speciality gives an immediate recognition of terms and jargon used.  Notes can be very difficult to understand otherwise. 


To write a good summary involves assimilating and recording key events in date and time order.  It relies upon a clinical understanding and working knowledge of medical terminology. It makes identifying salient points easier.  It avoids waste and the inclusion of irrelevant facts that clog a summary.


The Sorting Service present the chronology as an organised summary fully referenced to the source of information listed.   This way solicitors and medical experts can immediately find the information in the bundle of records that corresponds to each event in the chronology.

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